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The present staff of the school is as follows:

Principal - Mike Hope

Teaching Staff
Senior Room - Mike Hope
Principal Release - Frances Rogers
Junior Room - Nicchia Westwell

Other Teaching Staff   
Teacher Aide - Sharon Lilburn
Reading Recovery - Julie Walkley

Administrative Staff
Administration - Sue Hunt

Other Staff
Cleaner - Tyla Stevens
Caretaker/Groundsman - John Norris

As well as the staff listed above the school makes full use of a range of both specialist services and specialist teachers that are available to support the health and welfare and the academic achievements of Kopane children.


The school Board of Trustees has its meetings on the third Tuesday of the month (generally starting at 6.30pm) at school.  Everyone is welcome to attend Board meetings.  The present school Board is as follows:

Chairperson - Glen Shingleton 
Treasurer - Duncan White
Property - Alastair Rowe
Community Liaison - Rebecca Drummond
Secretary - Reyna Uribe-Bradcock
Staff Representative - Nicchia Westwell
Principal - Mike Hope

More information about the governance role of the Board of Trustees is available from the New Zealand School Trustees website.

A number of the fundraising ventures and the social occasions that enhance the school are run by the Home and School.  There are generally two meetings a term where decisions about the above are discussed.

There are only three elected Home and School officers but everyone is most welcome to attend meetings.  The officeholders are:

Chairperson - Rebecca Robinson
Secretary - Rebecca Shingleton
Treasurer - Duncan White

The children in the senior room have traditionally been in the Y5-Y8 range.  The weekly timetable has a strong emphasis on mathematics, literacy (reading and writing) and the areas that support these.

Where possible the above areas are taught in meaningful contexts and are often integrated with other curriculum areas.

The other curriculum areas that receive plenty of coverage over the course of the year include:
  • science
  • health and physical education
  • social sciences
  • learning languages
  • arts

The five key competencies, ICT, inquiry learning, sustainability and tikanga Maori are integrated throughout all areas of the curriculum and daily life at school.

The Y7-8 children attend technicraft at Monrad Intermediate one morning a week.

The junior room is made up of the Y1-4 children at the school.  If at all possible the school tries to keep the number of children in this class below 20.

The junior room has a very strong focus on all aspects of literacy.  It is considered extremely important that the children make the best possible start with this.  To support the classroom literacy programme the children take home “readers” on a nightly basis.

Numeracy also receives plenty of attention in the junior room along with the other core curriculum areas of science, health and physical education, social studies and the arts.

Before they start in the junior room, pre-schoolers come along to school for three or four classroom visits to help to prepare them for a smooth start.

The Y4 children spend part of their week (approximately 2-3 hours) through in the senior room to prepare them for what lies ahead.

Often the children in the whole school will work together as one big group, or in smaller groups to work on projects together.