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A Special PlaceSchool information

The Kopane School Charter states the following:

“Kopane School is a decile 8, full primary state school.  It is a two teacher, (U1) rural school approximately 13 kilometres west of Palmerston North”.

While the above is accurate it hardly reflects the rich history of Kopane School and the vibrant place that it is today.

The school was officially opened on the 1st of September 1925 with a roll of 28 pupils.  As can be expected with the changing face of rural communities, the role has fluctuated over the years but the school has always maintained its two teacher status.

The school has shown its resilience over the years by staying open after both fires and floods have done their best to close it down permanently.  The last one being in 2004 when the school was temporarily moved to Highden Manor (Green Road) for three terms while the school was completely refurbished.

The present philosophy of Kopane School is epitomised by its logo “Together We Make A Difference” and the seven values that support it.

• caring
• excellence
•  thinking
• sustainability
• respect
• responsibility
• family / aroha

These values are strongly in evidence at the school both inside and outside of the classrooms, and of course when the children are on sporting, cultural and educational excursions outside of the school.
The school prides itself on having high educational standards and of providing a variety of educational experiences to ensure that the children are enthusiastic about their learning.

The brochure that you can download explains in more detail about:
  • What Kopane has to offer
  • School facilities
  • Eventful and exciting experiences

Please enjoy reading about Kopane School, a very special place.

Download the school brochure