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Thinking of enrolling?Thinking of enrolling?

In the first instance these are being given to you to warmly welcome you to the Kopane district.  Whether you are renting or have purchased a house here, I’m sure you’ll enjoy living in this, “slice of paradise”.

Secondly, if you have pre-schoolers and/or school-age children you may like to consider enrolling your children at Kopane.  

If you would like more information, please contact the school to arrange a time to talk to myself or the staff.

This is definitely not an attempt to drag any children you have away from the schools they might already be attending.  We just want to let you know about a possibility within the district.

If your children aren’t going to attend Kopane School, you are still most welcome to make use of the school’s facilities such as the tennis courts and the swimming pool.  Please phone the school if you would like to purchase a key for the school pool.

Thank you.

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