Plant to Plate

Plant to Plate is a community programme led by teachers and assisted by experienced, enthusiastic volunteers. We were lucky to have the Plant to Plate team visit the school and spend the morning gardening and cooking with the Year 6-8 children. At the conclusion, the children sat down to a wonderful meal of potato bake, pea, mint and feta fritters, rainbow salad, pumpkin muffins, carrot and banana bread and homemade lemonade. Plant to Plate will be returning to Kopane School a little later in the year to work with the middle room.

Cooking at Kopane!

Zero Waste

In the last week of Term 2, Chris Simons from Zero Waste Education visited the school. Chris worked with each class focusing on the environment, specifically waste minimisation. The themes for each class were as follows:

Junior Room – “Litterless Lunchbox”

Middle Room – “Reducing the Waste Pile”

Senior Room – “Water”

Green Pastures Camp

In February the Year 5-8 children travelled to Green Pastures Camp near Whanganui. There were lots of activities including: - Kayaking, Raft Building, Slug Pellet Shooting, Archery, Mud Run, Beach Playground, Traders and Whalers, Tawhiti Museum, Kowhai Park and the Whanganui Elevator.

Wild Base Recovery Centre Visit

The Year 1-3 children recently visited the Wild Base Recovery Centre in the Esplanade.

Book Day Dress Up

All the children (and teachers) dressed as a character from their favourite book